Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Our Contact information:

John  Ross  (Ammo Sports-N-More)

  576 County Rd 782

  Etowah, Tn. 37331

  Ph: *** 423-368-6918 *** (Hours- 11am-3pm Tue & Thurs. EST)


   *** READ Ordering info and all Terms of Service BEFORE contacting us with questions!

Contact Email:  CustomerSupport@ammosportsnmore.com

(use this email to send us your scanned documents for orders)


  (1)  ONLINE ORDERS:  Information is Secured with SSL encrypted checkout to protect the integrity

  of your personal information.

 (2)  MAIL-IN ORDERING:  ** USPS Money Order / Certified Funds ONLY for Mail-In Orders.

   Place order online and select "Cheque / Money Order" option in the payment section of the check out. Mail payment along with required documents to address above for order to be processed.

  We Strive to fill All orders within 48 hours of receiving Payment. However, Occasionally That may not be possible due to High Order Volume. Thank You for your Understanding.


Order are processed as received and shipped according to the item description. Ammunition items

   are shipped solely via UPS Ground.

 Absolutely NO sales outside of CONUS!


Items are described as accurately as possible and packaged with care. If there has been an

  inaccuracy on our part, the Non-Ammunition items may be returned and the invoice cost will

   be refunded after item is returned to us for inspection.

We do not cover cost of return shipping.

**Ammunition is  NOT returnable and sold AS IS.

Insurance on ammunition orders is automatically provided 

As some of our items are collectibles and out of production items, they will show their age.

  We encourage questions prior to purchase if more information is needed on our items.

Shipping and Delivery:

  Ship and/or delivery dates are not guaranteed under any circumstances regardless of the method

  chosen for shipping. All dates given, both verbally and written, are estimates based on average

  movement of shipments. Any orders cancelled or returned due to shipping and/or delivering delays

  are subject to all cancellation and return fees.




 ***READ BELOW CAREFULLY***  before buying on this site.


 TERMS OF SERVICE, Ammo Sports-N-More.com




By Agreeing to these terms and conditions. You Certify that

 You are not a Terrorist.

  You are not engaging in acts of terror.

 You are not planning any terrorist acts.

AMMUNITION Buyers are REQUIRED to submit:

  1.  Proof of age,  a Govt/State issued DL/PHOTO ID / Age Verification document

   2.  Agree to Ammunition Statement during checkout process

ORDERS WILL BE **CANCELLED** if Documents are not received After placing an order!!

  **Documents submitted will kept on file and WILL NOT have to be provided for future orders

  unless address or information changes. **Ammunition ships Fed-Ex Ground.

Ammunition: We currently ship ammunition to 01 FFL dealers in California & New York. If You FFL requires ammunition ship From an FFL and not a licensed Seller Of ammunition; It will cost you an Extra 35 Dollars.  We ship ammunition to all other lower 48 states. This also includes residences in CT, MA, IL, NJ, and select zip codes in NY. If you reside in one of these states then please make sure you send your Driver's License and State Identification Card/LTC/FOID or FPID as it applies to your state.

   Documents Submission:  Scan/email, fax or send by mail. Documents MUST be received in order

  to process Orders, otherwise they will NOT be processed. Info submitted will be kept on file

  for future orders so it will NOT be required again for return customers. Customer information

   is kept private and is NOT sold or shared with third parties. Information on file will be

 destroyed after 2 years.

 Customers Are Responsible For All Shipping Charges, Cost, And Fees.

   The customer is fully responsible for all charges, cost and fees related to/with returned

  shipments and address changes. This includes but is not limited to Undeliverable Addresses,

  Refused Packages, Address Changes, 3rd Attempt Undeliverable Packages, Cancellation Of An Order

  After It Ships, and The Return Of Packages To Our Facility With / Without Proper Notification,

   which includes but is not limited to the issuing of a return merchandise authorization number

  (RMA). Charges, Cost, and Fees may include but are not limited to shipping charges, cost and fees

   to the customer, shipping charges, cost and fees back to our facility, and shipping charges, cost

  and fees back to the customer. If a package is returned to us and delivered to the wrong facility,

   the customer is responsible for the charges, cost and fees related to shipping the package to the

  proper facility. If the customer refuses to pay for any shipping charges, cost, or fees accrued

  after the initial shipping of the package we reserve the right to deduct all charges, cost and

   fees from the customers refund.

Once a package has been delivered back to our facility, we will attempt to contact the customer

   via the information they have provided us. The customer has 2 business days from the time the

  package is delivered to our facility to contact us and make arrangements for reshipping of the

  package. After those 2 business days have elapsed, we reserve the right to ship the package back

  to the proper facility, if it is not already been delivered there, and issue the customer a refund

   minus the charges, cost and fees mentioned in this agreement.

  The customer agrees not to proceed with any actions that would dispute or recover any charges,

  cost and fees that we have collected and / or deducted from the customers refund / account. If

  the customer does pursue any actions that would dispute or recover any charges, cost and fees that

   we have collected and / or deducted from the customers refund / account they agree to pay for any

   charges, cost and fees we may accrue defending such actions.

Address Corrections/Changes After Order Ships = Minimum of $20.00 + Shipping Fees

   Package Intercepts  Minimum of $20.00 + Shipping Fees

Payments by Credit Card:  We will accept credit cards payment 

   require a FAX copy of your credit card and Drivers license. We will require FAX copies if your

  shipping address is other than your verified billing address.  We reserve the right to decline any

   credit card that doesn't meet our internal policies.  The buyer agrees not to process any charge

   backs for any charge that the buyer had authorized. We will credit your credit card for any items

   returned for refund or any items lost in shipping that comply with the terms of this agreement.

   If this provision is breached and a charge back is processed in violation of this agreement,

  we may charge your card for the amount of the charge back, all bank fees, and charge back fees.

Order Cancellation fee:  When you place an order with us it is a legal binding contract. You may

  not arbitrarily cancel your order with out approval from us and confirmation.  You may request to

  cancel your order any time before it ships. However, the order is not considered cancelled until

   we can verify that it has not shipped and you receive our cancellation notification which could

   take up to two business days. You understand and accept the fact that it may not be possible to

   cancel an order in time before shipping regardless of  how and when you send your order. Please

  try and understand our shipping process. We have access to over 60,000 products online. Some products ship

  from our main location, some ship from remote locations and some products ship directly from the

   factory. When we receive your order, it is sent to the shipping location within minutes and

  starts the shipping process. Some locations ship thousands of orders per day. The orders are

  packed, labeled, and stacked on pallets for  pick up once a day. We start to incur cost

  at that moment. It normally takes us one business day to answer email, so by then it is usually

   too late to cancel. Your order may still show in shipping department long after it ships.

  Most of our tracking information is updated at night for the days orders. Once your order is

  in the shipping department, it may not be possible to cancel the order. All we can do is try.

  The following cancellation fees will apply. Orders placed directly with us will be charged

  5% or $5.00, which ever is greater.  If you refuse delivery of any package, you will be charge shipping both

   ways, restocking fees and other administration fees we incur. Once a package is shipped,

  the order can not be canceled. You must contact us for return instruction.PURCHASE / SHIPPING RESTRICTIONS:


Buyer is responsible to check for other Local & State laws BEFORE ordering. Ammunition ships

   UPS Ground. NO ammo deliveries to P.O Boxes.

Ammo Transfers in New York

Customers in New York can still order ammunition. However, state law requires these orders

  ship to an FFL or Registered Seller of Ammunition in-state who will then transfer the ammunition to you for

 a fee set by the FFL or Registered Seller.

- NO Ammunition Sales to: Massachusetts(we will only ship ammo to 01 FFL holders),

   New York City, HI, AK, Washington DC, Maryland (city of Annapolis or Montgomery county),

  Chicago/Cook County- Illinois (IL FOID copy required for other IL areas).

  Orders from these areas WILL be cancelled immediately!

- New Jersey - Firearms/Ammunition identification card must accompany ammunition orders for

  first time orders.

- Connecticut - Sales may be stopped shortly based on current pending legislation.

- California -No sales of ammunition delivered to the county of San Francisco. No ammunition

  delivered to the Cities of: Los Angeles, Oakland, Sacramento, San Francisco.

California residents will have to go to a licensed dealer and undergo a background check when buying ammunition.

According to CA Proposition 63, all ammunition purchased online or from a mail-order catalog must be shipped to a licensed vendor.

As a result of this legislation that starts taking effect on January 1, 2018, Ammo Sports-N-More will cease all ammunition direct sales to California residents

effective December 17, 2017. Ammunition will need to be sent to an approved ammunition vendor. Any and all additional costs for transfer from vendor to the consumer

is the responsibility of the consumer.

Proposition 63 supersedes AB 962 and applies to all ammunition sales and summarized as follows:

Effective January 1, 2018

•Licensed sellers will conduct and process all ammunition sales

•Unlicensed sellers will have to conduct ammunition sales through a licensed vendor much like private party firearms transactions

•Ammunition obtained from an out-of-state seller must initially ship to a licensed ammunition vendor for delivery to the purchaser upon completion of a background check

Effective July 1, 2019

•Sellers will not sell or transfer ammunition without conducting a background check on the buyer

•California law requires ammunition sellers to record, maintain, and report to the DOJ records of ammo sales in a manner similar to that of a firearm purchase

Proposition 63 does allow ammunition sales at shooting ranges without the purchaser undergoing a background check and without a sale record provided the ammo remains inside the facility.

- NO Incendiary/Tracer sales to CA, CT, FL, NYC, NJ or WY.

- NO AP/Steel Core sales to CA, CT, HI, IL, NJ, NYC, RI, D.C., MA.


  -NYC, Washington DC - NO mag/clip sales!!

   -MA - No sales of high capacity magazines exceeding 10rds manufactured before 09/14/1994

   except individuals having a MA-issued Class A license or dealers. No sales of high capacity

   magazines exceeding 10rds manufactured 09/14/1994 or after.

   -NY, CA, CT, IL, HI - No mags over 10rd capacity

   -New Jersey - NO mags over 15rd capacity.

   -Maryland - NO mags over 20rd capacity.

   -South Bend, IN; Wichita, KS – NO Hi Cap mags

  **Ammo/Magazines: Buyer is responsible for checking other State, County and City laws for

   restrictions before ordering Magazines/Clips or Ammo.

Typographical errors:

  We are not responsible for typos.

   Every effort is made to make sure the information we display is accurate and true. All

  descriptions are provided by the manufacturer of the item. If you have a questions about the

  product, please contact us before ordering.